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Serlachius Museum Gösta

Joenniemi manor
Joenniementie 47, Mänttä
Location on a map.
+358 (0)3 488 6800 

The art museum Gösta consists of Joenniemi manor and the new pavilion.

Open in wintertime 1.9.-31.5. Tue-Sun 11am-6pm.
Summertime 1.6.-31.8. every day 10am-6pm
For groups by appointment also outside opening hours.

More information here 

Serlachius Museum Gustaf

R. Erik Serlachiuksen katu 2, Mänttä
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tel. +358 (0)3 488 6800

The main exhibition Paper Devil tells the story of the legend of the Finnish paper industry G. A. Serlachius on a dramatized route of eight scenes.

Other exhibitions:
Ancient Mänttä
Apothecary's Trade House
Mill views and paper products
Gustaf's Angels – Operation Art Town

Open in wintertime 1.9.-31.5. Tue-Sun 11am-6pm,
summertime 1.6.-31.8. every day 10am-6pm

More information here

Art Centre Honkahovi

Johtokunnantie 11, Mänttä
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+358 (0)3 474 7005

Kauko Sorjonen Foundation produces art exhibitions and concerts for Honkahovi throughout the year.

More information here

Public sculptures of Mänttä

+358 (0)3 488 6800
More information: Serlachius Museum Gustaf

The town streets, parks and cemeteries are graced by works of Emil Wikström, Viktor Jansson, Wäinö Aaltonen, Jussi Mäntynen, Aimo Tukiainen and other acclaimed representatives of Finnish sculpture.

Vilppula Museums

Museums are open during the summer. Other times by arrangement.

Local History -room

Vilppula Municipal House
Keskuskatu 2, Vilppula

Native Region Museum & School Museum

Vuorikatu 1, Vilppula
Location on a map.

Local artefacts since the 1800´s; objects related to housekeeping, washing and forest work.Teaching equipment and objects connected with kitchens of a school; also examples of the pupils´ handiwork since 1880´s.

More information: +358 (0)50 523 3120,  +358 (0)50 584 7222


Holiday Estate

Salmentakasentie 308, Pohjaslahti

+358 (0)50 520 6451

Vehkaniemi Estate is a centuries-old family farm situated in a beautiful place with wonderful views to the Vehkajärvi lake. The old stories and the history of the place are presented by guided tours for groups by reservation.

More information here

Native Region Museum Heikintupa

Pohjaslahdentie 2439, Pohjaslahti 
Tel. +358 (0)40 3540 340

Museum and Café are open during the summer. 

Kangaskoski Mill Museum

Kangaskoskentie 72, Pohjaslahti
+358 (0)40 354 0340

Open during the summer.

Atelier Raine A.Sahrman

Urheilukentätie 2, Mänttä
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+358 (0)40 729 8848 

Raine A. Sahrman homepage

Mänttä Church

Länsitorikatu 2, Mänttä
Location on a map.

+358 (0)44 750 3678

The stone church designed by the architect W.G. Palmqvist with wooden sculpture ornaments by Hannes Autere.

Vilppula Church

Riihikankaantie 14, Vilppula
Location on a map.

+358 (0)44 750 3676

A carpenter-style long church by G.Schreck. An altarpiece Kristus Vuoritiellä (Christ on the mountain path) by Pekka Halonen.

Kolho Orthodox Church

Kappelitie 6, Kolho
Location on a map.

+358 (0)50 431 6431

Pohjaslahti Church

Pajamäentie 32, Pohjaslahti

+358 (0)40 804 9580 

Pohjaslahti church was built in 1931 and designed by architect Kauno Kallio. Jesus in Gethsemane, the altarpiece, was painted by Urho Lehtinen.

Kolho Village Church

Kyläkirkontie 8, Kolho

+358 (0)44 750 3680 

Väinölä commune

Väinöläntie 15, Vilppula

+358 (0)3 471 3390

VÄINÖLÄ -commune in Vilppula is a workcenter and home for over 30 members of Ihmisyyden tunnustajat. . If you are interested in discussing theosophical matters or want to be acquainted with the commune you can visit Väinölä every day and also see the Unarmed Finland -art exhibition (open 10-18) with about 300 works of art (paintings and sculptures) by some members of the commune. You can also have a cup of coffee or tea in a small home cafe.

More information here


Mänttä-Vilppulan kaupunki
Seppälän puistotie 15
PL 69, 35801 MÄNTTÄ
(kaupungintalon virastoaika
klo 9.00-12.00 ja klo 13.00-15.00)

+358 (0)3 488 811

Mänttä-Vilppulan kaupunki
PL 70, 35801 MÄNTTÄ
Y-tunnus: 0157867-2

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Hallituskatu 23, 35800 MÄNTTÄ
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