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Project Title  



Partnership reference

 number                              2013-1-F11-COM13-12869 1


Partner Regio 1                 

Coordinator organisation:       Mänttä-Vilppulan sivistystoimi

Partner organisations:            Vilppulan yhteiskoulu

                                             Savosenmäen koulu

                                            Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foudation

                                            Taito Pirkanmaa, Mänttä-Vilppulan käsityökeskus



Partner Regio 2

Coordinator organisation:       Sandgerðisbær - Skólafulltrúi

Partner organisations:            Grunnskólin i  Sandgerði

                                            Leikskólin Sólborg

                                            Listatorg Lista -og menningarfélag

                                            Þekkingarsetur Suðurnesja

                                            Náttúrustofa Suðvesturlands

                                            Rannsóknasetur Háskóla Íslands á Suðurnesjum


Expected objectives of the project: The main object is to develop teacher training in connection with the curriculum. In Finland development of curricula is going on and this project will help to do it. Biology, geography, art and crafts teaching will be developed.  Materials that are found in nature will be exchanged between our countries and a guideline will be made that will aid teaching.

The differences in the two curriculums will be revealed during common planning and whilst designing is taking place. Associations from both countries will have very important roles in the teacher training. Museum and Sudurnes science and learning centre will plan with the school administration. Stronger and better connections between local administrations will be forged.

We are using the ICT-connection in natural ways. Visits will be made to get acquainted with the realities of our partners, administration, culture and this in turn will help grow our perspective.


Expected main results: Development of curriculum, especially in biology, geography, art and crafts teaching with a writte curriculum being made. Materials from nature will be introduced and a design handicraft product, some type of jewel, will be made. A guideline for teachers to use will be written and teacher conferences together will be organized.


Expected impact and use: With this project we will increase cooperation between administration, schools and local the community. The national object is to implement lifelong learning and this project will help to realize it. Teachers appreciate and value new ways of teaching while working together with another country in English helps practice and grow courage in the use of a foreign language. Contacts between Sandgerði and Mänttä-Vilppula will start and this in turn will deepen relations especially as paticipants become friends. Participants will learn to value their own environment as they look at it through the eyes of others and understand environment and culture of another country. In this project participants have the opportunity to visit different schools and organizations, which you could not see as an ordinary tourist or you couldn’t visit without this project.

European cooperation will be revealed in common, shared results introduced with lections, brochures, guidelines and partly in the curriculum. Staff will get information on the curriculums, learning environments and systems used by the different participants during  teacher conferences. Using a foreign language will help to give a united, European feeling that we are not alone even here in big sparsely populated Finland and in far located Iceland out in the Atlantic ocean.





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