Rules of the Piki libraries 2023


Welcome to PIKI libraries!

Our libraries are open to everyone. Everyone has access to the collections, services and public areas of the library.
The purpose of these guidelines is to promote order, safety and user comfort in libraries.

User privacy

PIKI libraries use one shared information system. The library has the right to store the personal identity codes of its customers, their guardians and the responsible persons of community customers. Personal information is only used for the provision of library services.

In accordance with the Personal Data Act, the customer has the right to check their own information stored in the library’s personal data file and request the library to rectify any erroneous information.

Personal information may only be disclosed to parties identified in the privacy statement.

The privacy statement of the data file is available from the libraries and the PIKI online service.

Library card and PIN code

The first library card is free-of-charge and available from any PIKI library. The library card is personal. Each customer may only have one library card in the shared PIKI library system. Library card holders agree to follow the guidelines of PIKI libraries.

The library card is available by showing an identity card that is equipped with a photograph and a personal identity code and giving a valid Finnish postal address. Under 15-year-olds need written consent from their guardian in order to get a library card. If the customer does not have a Finnish personal identity code, the library card is valid for one year at a time.
Communities must appoint a responsible person that is 18 or over in order to get a library card.

The holder of the library card or their guardian is responsible for all the material borrowed with the card, as well as the payment of fees. If a customer loses their borrowing rights, also the customer’s guardian will lose their borrowing rights.

The library card is equipped with a PIN code that is needed when using services that require identification. The PIN code is needed, for example, when logging in to the PIKI online services and using the booking systems, self-service kiosks, self-service libraries and online materials.

In the online service, customers can, for example, update their contact information or the information of their dependant, make reservations and renew their loans.

Changes to names and contact information and missing library cards must immediately be reported to the PIKI library. The customer will not be held liable for any material borrowed with their card after they have reported the card as missing.

Handling library property

Library users must handle the items and other library property with caution. The items must be returned or renewed on or before the due date, within the library’s opening hours or online by 12:00 midnight. In general, loans can be renewed five times. If the library has a return chute, the customer may use it to return their loans on their own responsibility. Items returned via the return chute are registered on the following working day.

The library may restrict the number of items lent to the customer. The library follows the statutory age limits concerning the lending and use of certain visual recordings, console and PC games. If a recording borrowed from the library damages the customer’s equipment, the library is not liable for damages.

The loan period is 1–28 days. If an item is late, the library will send the first overdue notice 7 days after the due date, followed by the second notice after 21 days and third notice after 35 days. If the item is reserved, the first overdue notice will be sent immediately after the due date.

Items returned after the due date will be subject to a penalty fee. Any lost loans and unpaid penalty fees may be forwarded to invoicing or a collection agency.

Fees and replacing items

Using, borrowing and reserving items in the library’s own collections are free of charge, as are guidance and information provided by libraries. No overdue penalties are collected on items in the children’s and youth collections. The penalty and transportation fees do not apply to customers of the library’s home service.

Charges are collected for the following:

The customer can choose to receive due date reminders via e-mail. The due date reminder is an extra service that helps the customers to keep track of their loans. However, the customer must always pay the overdue fine, even if they haven’t received the reminder. The fees are collected also in cases where renewal was not possible due to technical errors.

The customer must replace damaged items with new, similar items or pay the price determined by the library. Due to item-specific copyright fees, certain items — such as films, radio plays and computer software — cannot be replaced with corresponding items.

The fees can be paid at any PIKI library. Some municipalities accept online payments. These are available by logging in to the PIKI online service. Library fees are non-refundable.

The library may forward the fees to recovery proceedings without a court ruling or decision.

Losing one’s borrowing rights

If the customer does not return their loans or pay their fees, the customer will lose their borrowing rights in all PIKI libraries until they have returned or replaced the items or paid the outstanding fees. The customer loses their borrowing rights when the outstanding fees exceed a certain limit in EUR (see the Appendix).

Customers who have lost their borrowing rights may continue to visit the library and use the library’s collections and equipment.

Losing one’s rights to use the library

Public libraries are governed by the Finnish Public Order Act. The Public Order Act applies to disturbing operations or public safety in the library. If a library user repeatedly causes notable disturbance to the library’s operations, behaves in a disturbing or threatening manner, endangers safety or damages library property, the user’s rights to use the library can be suspended for a maximum of 30 days. The municipality must give the person a chance to be heard before suspending the rights.

Suspending a user’s library use privileges requires an administrative decision, and the user may claim a rectification to the decision, in accordance with the Municipalities Act. Each PIKI municipality appoints the municipal officer that makes the decisions on suspending library use privileges. If a customer’s rights to use the library have been suspended, the customer may not visit the library in question.


In addition to these guidelines that apply to all PIKI libraries, each library may have its own guidelines. These guidelines are effective in all the libraries in the PIKI library system.

These guidelines have been approved by the leading office holder or an executive committee of a PIKI library, and they are valid from 1 January 2018 until further notice.



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