During the Finnish civil war of 1918 one the frontlines run across Vilppula. On the area there are monuments to both ”Reds” and ”Whites” by the Vilppulankoski rapids. In the centre of Vilppula you’ll find a signposted route which takes you to visit independently the historical attractions.

Route signs located in railwaystation, Villa Koivuniemi, Vilppulankoski rapids, marina, 1918 monuments and Vilppula church.  Along the route you can also visit the Vilppula Tradition Room, the Local Museum and the School Museum.

Printable map of History Route

The general history of the route has been compiled by researcher Tarja Antikainen and the military history sections by historian Tuomas Hoppu. The Serlachius Museums and Vilppula-Seura have helped to gather the local history data and photographs. The route signs have been produced by the town of Mänttä-Vilppula in co-operation with Civil War Museum association.



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