Change of company ownership

Are you looking for someone to take over your business? We assist you in all stages of the selling process. Every successful change of ownership creates continuity to the local economy.

Towards a controlled change of ownership

The sale of a business is a multifaceted process. It’s successful implementation requires time and careful preparation as it involves many legal issues and subjects regarding taxes, financing and personal matters. Let us help you! We assist you with the planning, identification of your company’s current situation and the evaluation of your company’s value, arrangements for financing and other matters connected to a change of company ownership.

Is your business in the proper sales condition?

Only few businesses are ready for sale in their current state and as such. If you are planning on selling your business, development measures have to be started in time to ensure your business’s proper sales condition. The buyer is interested in your company’s value, competition factors and good development opportunities. By reinforcing and emphasizing matters that offer the most advantages in the future you are making your company attractive to buyers.  

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